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Book Care Tips

It is important to LOVE and respect your library books, so others may enjoy the books you LOVE.

Love Is The Best Care @ Your Library

Book Care With Leo The Library Mouse

The Story of Leo The Library Mouse

Always keep library books…

  • In one safe place at home and at school to help you know where they are located at all times.
  • In your book bag so you can read them whenever you are at home and whenever you are at school.
  • Covered in a book bag to and from school, since you never know what the weather will be.
  • Away from small children and pets.
  • Away from food, drinks, dirty hands, crayons, markers, pens, pencils, scissors.

Turn pages slowly and carefully.

Use clean hands when looking at library books.

Use a bookmark to remind you where you left off to be sure that you…

  • Don’t bend or tear pages.
  • Don’t mark pages with pen, pencil or markers.
  • Don’t put an object in a book to mark your place.




Funny Book Care Tips...